ST ’18: Day 4, Winona

Many members woke up today refreshed from the first full night of sleep. We rehearsed for about 2.5 hours and had the rest of the day free. Nico Tuccillo ’19 organized a hiking trip to Garven Heights for some nice views and fresh Minnesota air.
Dennis Zhang ’18 goes ice fishing
Gleeks take a brief respite as they climb the bluffs
We also asked members to begin spreading the word of our concert tomorrow night in the traditional glee club manner. They carried out this task with fervor, taking to the streets to talk to local Winonans and poster the town.
Winona concert program
In the evening, the group spread out to do various activities. Roshan Padaki experienced Culver’s for the first time, a classic midwest fast food chain. A small group went to see Black Panther and also met the same Lyft driver that has been driving members of the Glee Club all day. Another group went bowling and witnessed Tom’s magical skills in the process. As pin after pin was knocked down, Tom left members of the Glee Club in the dust. At the very end, he was 1 pin away from a Turkey.
When the Glee Club returned to the Hotel, we gathered for a movie night of Sausage Party and further Glee Club bonding. The movie-watchers paused the film to pay their respects for the late Stephen Hawking. Overall, it was a nice relaxing day.
Written by Rowen VonPlagenhoef ’21, Edited by J. Finley Ong ’21

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